Innovation in Construction

The vision for Buildvation is to solve safety & efficiency problems through the innovative application of new technologies, in construction and mining industries.

Better Alignment

Tough, home-grown tech

Sensors placed on the hook & boom tip measure the deviation from vertical of the hook and tip of boom.

Data-Head /

Improving site safety

Data-Head and Smart-Glasses allow the rigger to receive information about the loads progress while simultaneously keeping eye contact with the load and surroundings.

Crane Data

High level tech meets top quality materials

Rigger-Assist captures the most relevant indicators from the crane, so the rigger has real-time indicators on the radius, capacity and total weight of each lift.

Our Partners

Buildvation is always looking to engage with industry leading companies and form strong partnerships which solve industry specific problems.

2019 semi-finalist 


High Precision GPS (RTK) testing in Brisbane Crane Yard 

Buildvation has been busy conducting extensive testing of our latest precision hook technologies on all luffing-type cranes. Different solutions for different boom lengths and configurations have been trialled, tested and refined to give the best application for client requirements. Making crane lifts smarter, safer and more efficient, Buildvation is making it easier for you.


Construction is about to go through the biggest transformation in the last 100 years, and Buildvation is leading the way. With the largest focus on safety in history, construction companies are now dramatically expanding their focus on safety equipment and training.

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