Solving safety & efficiency problems.

The vision for Buildvation is to solve safety and efficiency problems through the innovative application of new technologies in the construction and mining industries.


Recent technology advancements like sensors, Smart-Glasses and artificial intelligence are opening up opportunities to improve safety and efficiency at construction and mine sites that previously would have been difficult and expensive.


Buildvation is a new technology startup company looking to contribute to the huge opportunity for digital transformation in the construction and resources industries by applying innovative technologies to solve safety and efficiency problems. The founders create innovation by bringing together experiences from the mining, construction, electronics and software industries.

Why Cranes?

We are focusing on cranes initially as crane operations are one of the riskiest activities on construction sites. Over the last 10 years in Australia, cranes have caused at least 22 deaths, over 2000 serious injury cases and significant financial losses for both operators and customers. We believe that through the use of new technologies, we can build safety systems for cranes to improve setup and operation.

Rigger-Assist is our first retrofit product for cranes in the field, addressing key safety and efficiency needs. Subsequent products will build on the elements of Rigger-Assist and introduce machine learning for predictive safety and maintenance. For example, we will be able to predict when a crane or load is likely to become unstable a couple of seconds before it does, allowing the operator to react and bring the crane back into safe operating limits before it is too late. Or detect small anomalies in the operation of the crane that point to future component failure.

Applying these examples of Digital Transformation will make cranes smarter, safer and more efficient. We also hope to make
a difference by saving lives and injuries at the workplace!

Heavy Equipment Tracking

Our Partners

Buildvation is always looking to engage with industry leading companies and form strong partnerships which solve industry specific problems.

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Partnership opportunities with Buildvation

We are always looking to engage with industry leading companies and form strong partnerships which solve industry specific problems. Don’t hesitate to Get in Touch for any requests or enquiries about our pre-existing products and services or custom solutions.

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